Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby got back

So what songs do ECU students sing on the bus to pass the time? Row row row your boat? 99 bottles of beer on the wall? No. We sing Gin and Juice, Baby got back, and No Scrubs. Our tour guide/bus driver Nigel thinks we're all crazy haha :) Dr. Burke and Ms. Vail-Smith were singing along and even started some of the songs! Last night we went to the oldest pub in Dublin that dates back to 1198 called the Brazen Head. Any movie you've ever seen that depicts Irish pubs and how drunk, friendly, singing, dancing, instrument playing locals act in them is totally true and accurate! It wasn't as much of a tourist attraction as I thought it would be, it was mainly filled with locals. It was a true Irish pub experience and I had my first pint of Guinness that tasted a lot better than any I've ever had in the states. The people here are so friendly and willing to strike up a conversation about anything. We had someone come speak to us this morning from the Asthma Society and it was really interesting, but I was so tired that I had a hard time paying attention. I went back to my room after for a nap and then had fish and chips for lunch! We then went to a teaching hospital for a few lectures. We left there and went straight to the Abbey Tavern for dinner in Howth. I had salmon and potatoes of course with Bailey's Irish Coffee for dessert. There was a live Irish folk band playing and river dancers which was amazing! I'll never make fun of it again because it was so awesome and they really were talented! Today I'm less homesick than I was but I still can't wait to get back. Bojangles is calling my name and the McDonald's over here just isn't the same, their ketchup is brown. Tomorrow I'm going to Siemens with three other girls, one of which works at a Siemens branch in Greenville, for a private tour because we're all worksite health majors so that will be cool. Then we have the rest of the day free until dinner. I hope I'm going to get more shopping done because I haven't bought anything for myself yet! I love and miss everybody and I can't wait to get back! This trip is a great experience but it's creeping by and I miss being around people I know!!! I'll try to post pics tomorrow :)

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