Friday, July 16, 2010


Today I was a true tourist! This morning we went to see the Book of Kells which was amazing, but we weren't allowed to take pictures :( We also walked through the 'Long Room' in Trinity college where part of Harry Potter was filmed, it was amazing! Next we visited St. Patrick's Cathedral which was so beautiful and historic! There were so many people buried in the building and the architecture was awesome! Then we went to the Guinness Factory, finally. It was way more modern and cool than I thought it would be and we got to sample fresh Guinness and have a free pint in their 360 sky bar that overlooks the city. The tour walks you through the entire process of making Guinness and it was really educational. The lease for the building that Mr. Guinness signed was for a ridiculously cheap amount of money per month and it lasts 9000 years, best deal ever! After resting a little while we went to Steven's Green which had a beautiful lake that we took tons of pictures at. Then I ate at a place called Daffodils that was voted best bar and nightclub in Dublin for 2010. The food was alright but I think we may go back later for drinks because it's close, cheap, and really modern inside. They were also playing a lot of american music like Beyonce which made me feel at home haha. Tomorrow we leave for Kilkenny and I hope I have internet there so I can keep posting but if I don't I'll only be there for one night anyway so I should be able to get on in Cork the day after. Love and miss everyone!

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